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Volunteer with your your registered therapy animal! Animal Assisted Volunteers make loving companions for our hospice patients.

Animal Assisted Volunteers provide companionship and therapeutic support to patients who love animals. Animals must always be accompanied by their human handler and will only visit those patients who have agreed to animal assisted volunteer visits.

All animal/handler teams must have documentation of registration with a recognized pet therapy organization, liability insurance and all appropriate vaccines. In order to make visits, animals must be in good health and well groomed. Before bringing a pet to visit a hospice patient, handlers must complete the volunteer application and training program to be a Companion Volunteer.

Our current roster of transitions hospice pet volunteers



2 year old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix

Stella is a happy and sweet dog who loves people and treats. She is escorted by Christine.



13 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Pepper is very gentile, loves attention and long rides through the woods. She is escorted by Transitions Hospice Team member Kim McCaslin.



3 year old Saint Bernard

Chuck is our DIRECTOR OF GROOVY (D.O.G.). He is very cuddly, loving and sweet. Chuck’s favorite treat is Beggin Strips. He spends most of his spare time visiting patients and reporting back to the main office in Huntley. He is escorted by Marilyn and MaryGrace.



Terrier Mix

Stella is a one year old terrier mix. She has stolen the hearts of everyone at the nursing home. They even let her attend mass with her hospice patient. Stella lives in Bloomingdale and is escorted by Melanie.

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