Hospice Care

Hospice care occurs when a patient is given a terminal diagnosis and stops receiving curative treatment for their illness. At Transitions, we shift the focus of hospice to living – our goal is to make every day enjoyable for our patients. We want caregivers to be able to spend quality time with their loved ones while our dedicated hospice team ensures the patient is physically, emotionally, and spiritually comfortable.


Palliative Care

Palliative care uses a team approach to treating patients with chronic and/or terminal illness in a home-based or outpatient setting. Our goal in palliative care is to execute a holistic treatment approach that addresses both medical and psychosocial needs, including symptom management, counseling, and community service support.


Families & Caregivers

As a caregiver, we know that you put in hours of time and dedication into making sure your patient is comfortable, safe, and happy. Transitions is here to help you spend less time as a caregiver and more time as a friend, family member, and loved one.

We are always available to provide care and we make sure our team is there when the patient needs us the most – let Transitions make your life easier.

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Our Philosophy

Experts in the Art of Living

Our philosophy is to empower our patients and families by providing the tools and support necessary to embrace life. We don’t focus on the finality of death; we focus on the practical side of living. Our job is to assist our patients and families through the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of life’s final transition. We are always here for our patients to ensure they are living their best life because we understand that, to our patients and their families, it’s about living!

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I am extremely complimentary of the care and counseling I received while my husband was in nursing home care, as well as immediately after he passed away at two in the morning. On that final night, a representative from Transitions was at the nursing facility within 15 minutes of being contacted and I so much appreciated having someone there with me, especially since I had no other family present.

The Jones Family

Thank you so much for all of the excellent care my mother received from your nurses and CNAs. I am forever grateful for your compassionate care of Mom and our family in our time of need

The Williams Family

Transitions Hospice is truly blessed to have amazing staff, as they are more than Angels… they became part of our family.

The Cornelius Family

Transitions is here to help you.

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