words we live by

Hospice care presents daily challenges. Each case brings with it circumstances and dynamics that require a consistent, focused approach. There are three key tenets we all commit to at Transitions Hospice. We call them our “Commandments”. They are the values we believe in and very core of what makes our team different. 

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always there when you need us

The importance of around-the-clock availability of our services cannot be emphasized enough. Our care usually begins the day of your phone call with a meeting that begins our understanding of your specific needs. Nursing Care, Social Work, Chaplain Support, Palliative Care Evaluations, and more. All our services — 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

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everything you need

Part of our commitment to our patients and families is ensuring access to the best durable medical equipment and supplies – quickly and affordably. From order to delivery and set-up, our sister company, Advantage Medical Equipment, will manage all aspects of providing everything specific to your care plan.

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meet max!

Max is a volunteer. Really. Pets make great, loving companions to our hospice patients. They bring joy and engage patients in ways that put smiles on everyone’s face. Please consider this wonderful opportunity to allow your pet make a positive difference in someone’s life.

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Our mission is to empower our patients and their families by providing the tools and support necessary to embrace life.

It’s about living.TM

We don’t focus on the finality of death; we focus on the practical side of living. Our job is to assist our patients and their families through the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of life’s final transition.

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