coping with grief

Our Bereavement Team engages in a variety of grief interventions to meet our patients and their families where they are, and support them through the stages of grief they may be experiencing.

Bereavement support begins  after a loved one is admitted into hospice. We provide literature to help patients and their families understand what to expect during terminal illness, resources for coping and dealing with challenges as the illness progresses, and references for additional help.

We also provide information and resources after the patient passes away to help families deal with the loss. Resources include support and services available through the Transitions Bereavement Team, as well as additional options available from other organizations.


Grief interventions include:

  1. Providing active listening and presence
  2. Helping identify support systems
  3. Assessing the need for additional community resources and making referrals
  4. Determining need for spiritual support
  5. Allowing the bereaved to express feelings/emotions
  6. Encouraging rituals/traditions

The Bereavement team works hand in hand with Transitions trained volunteers to provide care and support for the patient’s family members for up to 13 months after the patient’s death.


Projects include:

  • Calling families to see if they want additional support
  • Calling families to invite them to grief support groups
  • Sending cards and letters
  • Sending donation thank-you’s


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