We Are Experts in the Art of Living.

Our philosophy is to empower our patients and families by providing the tools and support necessary to embrace life. We don’t focus on the finality of death; we focus on the practical side of living. Our job is to assist our patients and families through the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of life’s final transition. We understand that to our patients and their families, it’s about living!


Acceptance – The reality of a terminal illness or progression of a disease can be overwhelming for both the patient and their family. Our hospice is designed to help you through the process of ACCEPTANCE. Transitions understands that “acceptance” does not mean giving up — neither does hospice. It is our belief that acceptance is the very important first step in recognizing the unique aspects of your illness.


Empowerment — Knowledge is power. Because every disease progresses and manifests itself differently, the more you know about your condition, the better prepared you’ll be for the changes that await you. Transitions’ interdisciplinary team, led by our physicians, will EMPOWER you by developing a plan to help you manage the symptoms associated with your illness.


Peace — Comfort of support and genuineness of service are what you can expect from Transitions. You are not on this path alone — we are there with you. Our 24/7 support offers you the PEACE of mind that care is always no more than a phone call away. Prolonged illness is stressful on individual and family resources. We assist you with these challenges by providing support, such as compassionate caregivers and two shifts of professional nursing staff, to help ease these difficult times.


Freedom — You are in charge of your life, free to live it under your terms. This FREEDOM is the objective of Transitions’ philosophy. It’s About Living!! Where you want to live, how you want to live, and the manner in which you are cared for — these are your decisions. Think of us as your “life concierge.” Tell us your plan and we will serve to guide you along the path you have chosen.