Volunteer Testimonials

“I remember my patient’s husband telling me how much she enjoyed music so I moved her chair over to the piano and placed her hands on the keyboard. I put my hands on top of hers and pressed her fingers down to play notes. She stared at her hands as she heard each note and would occasionally look up at me as well as if she was amazed and enjoying this activity.”


“Mary was pleasant and enjoyed talking about the holidays. She shared some memories of Christmases with her family. We prayed with her before leaving. She said she enjoyed our visit, that we were just like family, and that she is looking forward to us coming by again!”


“I bought a gingerbread house for her and I to decorate and it was an amazing experience!!! Turned out beautifully and she was so proud of her contribution. Not as much conversation as we usually have because we were engrossed with our project but it was a very nice and long visit.”


“I am visiting her twice a week as often as possible and everytime I come, she dictates her journal to me. She is writing a book as she calls it, for her 3 boys and 1 grandchild. It is very powerful to hear her life’s story.”


“Marilyn seemed to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as we walked around the facility grounds. A few times during our walk, she commented on how wonderful the sun felt and sang a verse about ‘heavenly sunshine’. She really enjoyed seeing the color of the tree leaves changing. We ended my visit with a prayer together before I left.”


“I visited Margaret in her room. I listened while she talked and sang. If she stopped, I would say something like “What else?” or “Then what?” and she would go on with her stories. She was very happy singing and laughing!”


“Sat with Sarah and a group of residents while we sang together as I played my ukelele. Everyone was joining in and having a good time. When everyone else were brought to the dining room and I had some alone time with Sarah, we sang some of her favorites this time!”


“I took her hands to massage them and she smiled all during the massage. Then she took my hands and intertwined them with hers, smiling all the time. She was very happy. That large smile!”


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