hospice = comfort

What is Hospice?

If you ask others what one word they associate with “hospice,” most will say “death.” At Transitions Hospice, if anyone asks us to define in one word what is hospice, we want that word to be “comfort.”

Hospice is for you or your loved one when curative treatments are no longer available or wanted and the life expectancy is six months or less.

Hospice does not hasten death or prolong life. At Transitions Hospice, we focus on making every day a quality-filled, comfortable day. We want to support you in the goal of ensuring you or your loved one are able to focus on the life that is still left to live.

We treat our patients’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Transitions Hospice will spend the extra time needed to educate and guide our patients and their families with difficult decisions. Our dedicated team includes a physician, nurse, certified nurse aide, social services, chaplain, bereavement specialist and trained volunteers.

When you call Transitions Hospice to get services started, we are usually available to meet with you and your family the same day…7 days a week, 365 days a year. That meeting will be devoted to thoroughly answering any questions you may have, including the question what is hospice. We take all the time you need to feel comfortable with the decision to bring hospice on board. We discuss patient history, expectations, comfort levels, support systems, medications, equipment needs and more.

We also help you understand our motto and the philosophy that guides our every decision at all levels of the organization. We commit to putting our patient’s well-being, comfort and serenity at the forefront of every decision we make. We urge you to ask lots of questions so that you can take advantage of the range of services that we offer to enable you to meet your goal of embracing the time left to the fullest. Our staff fully embraces our three commandments, committing themselves to the demands of the highest quality home hospice and palliative care.


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