Transitions Partners with Presence Health

Transitions Hospice proudly partnered with Presence Covenant Medical Center, Champaign and Presence United Samaritan Medical Center, Danville to provide inpatient palliative care evaluation and  comprehensive community based palliative care and hospice programs.

This outstanding partnership allows the Transitions specially trained team of nurse practitioners and social workers to be available to the hospital’s patients and their loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when palliative care or hospice services are needed. The program will foster an interdisciplinary approach to chronic disease management and end of life services. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this high level of palliative care to our patients,” said Presence Health Regional Chief Medical Officer Vincent Kucich. “It provides an unmatched level of respect and care at the end of a patient’s life, for both the family and patient alike. This program will be invaluable to our patients.”  Presence staff will work side by side with Transitions to ensure each individual receives the very highest quality of care.

The foundation of our inpatient palliative care program embraces the need for symptom management and high risk support. Our philosophy is to empower our patients and their families by providing the tools and support necessary to embrace life.  We understand that to our patients and families, it is all about the quality of life. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, follow-up services will include 24 hour in home crisis care and intensive community resource management including counseling.

Transitions Hospice services offer a unique approach to end of life care. Our team, consisting of nurse practitioners, social workers, physicians, CNAs, chaplains, caregivers, and volunteers ensure each patient has a quality-filled, comfortable life. Our unique sitting commitment ensures each patient will never be alone at the end of life.

This distinctive program allows Transitions’ staff to further educate hospital physicians, nurses, and CNAs about palliative care and hospice services.  The educational tools provided will ensure each of the services provided will be detailed and personalized.

“Improving medical outcomes in patients with chronic illnesses allowing for decreased hospital re-admissions, increased patient satisfaction and quality of life is the hospital’s goal. We believe Transitions offers the most comprehensive approach to address these complex issues,” Kathleen Collins M.D. shared.

We, at Transitions, strongly believe that this partnership will offer the clinicians in both organizations the opportunity to deliver quality personalized service unlike any other.

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