our three commandments

All of our team members pledge to fulfill the Transitions Hospice Commandments. These three fundamental principles ensure that each patient and family receives the focused and individualized care they deserve.


By committing to hospice, each team member pledges to dedicate themselves to their patients and the uncompromising demands of hospice care. Our staff is always available. We will tend to our patients as often as needed regardless of their location — day or night.


Transitions believes care plans should never be “one size fits all.” Understanding that all of our patients have their own personal needs enables us to develop a customized plan of care that respects their specific wishes.


Doing the right thing and doing the easiest thing are rarely the same. When it comes to hospice care, team members are committed to continually dedicate the time and energy necessary to always do the right thing.

In addition to the Transitions Hospice Commandments:

  • Each patient gets an individualized “plan of care,”  Transitions Hospice is well aware that hospice should never seem like it is “one size fit all,” We work hard to “cater” our services to the needs of the patient.
  • Our nurses have fewer patients than most hospices nationwide, so each patient receives more care and attention.
  • Transitions Hospice nurses are always available after hours. We will see your loved ones as often as needed regardless of their location, day or time.

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