Tim Scully, our Chief Development Officer, oversees all business development and marketing activities at Transitions. He has over 20 years of experience with a number of healthcare organizations, with a track record of high speed growth and development. Tim has been a key team member in expanding our footprint over the last few years, and we are so glad to have him as a member of our leadership team. With June being National Men’s Health Month, we sat down with Tim to talk about his hospice experiences, how he focuses on his health, and what Transitions means to him. 

When we think about men’s health, most of us think about the importance of physical activity. One thing that is unique to Tim is that he played four years of NCAA Division I football for the University of Illinois. As a center for the Fighting Illini, Tim was a three- year letterman, played in the All-American Bowl, and appeared in three bowl games. Tim’s successful college football career unfortunately caused him to have issues with his knee later in life. However, he continues to be active and prioritize health. He mentioned that after years of pain and misery from his knee, he had knee replacement surgery in 2021. Since then, he states that he has never felt better about being active and staying healthy. In summer, he loves to play as much golf as possible and hopes to get out on the course more than a few times this June.

Tim out on the course enjoying the summer weather. He told us that this was a hole in one!

After graduating from college and ending his football career, Tim began his next chapter knowing that he wanted to do something with healthcare. Tim mentioned this about starting a career in hospice, “I was intrigued by hospice and was hired to run a couple of states for a hospice. Pretty quickly, I realized that I loved the industry and wanted to make a career out of it.” He went on further by saying that hospice “is underutilized by so many people, and I think it is important to provide that care to as many patients as possible. Being able to give people the care they deserve and educating people on hospice were and are what inspire me to do this work.” When we asked Tim if his football career impacted his hospice career, he said that “Football made me ultra competitive and never want to fail. I think in a job focused on business development, it is important to be competitive and continue to persevere even if things aren’t going your way – and my football experience really prepared me to do that.” 

As Tim enters his 10th year with Transitions, he is reminded of the importance of the Transitions team and the mission of our organization. “I love working with my team of marketers on how to grow our census and come up with new ideas. When we bring our care to others, we make a positive difference in the lives of both the patient and their family. As long as I am here, I will never forget our mission to take care of others and to help our patients embrace life,” Tim added.

Tim’s competitive spirit and perseverance are reminders to us all of the importance of never giving up on one’s desire to live life to its fullest. We appreciate all you do to support our team and those we serve.