Transitions is proud to announce our partnership in care with Prime Care Physicians to continue to provide exceptional support related to symptom management to our homebound patients. We would also like to welcome the owner and CEO of Prime Care Physicians, Roshani Patel, as the new Chief Operating Officer of Transitions Home Medical Group (THMG). 

Since May of 2017, Roshani has been the owner and CEO of Prime Care Physicians. Prior to owning the practice, Roshani worked as a home-visiting NP for several years, where she worked with patients of all backgrounds and clinical diagnoses. She obtained her Full Practice Authority (FPA) in 2019 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Transitions team. We are so lucky to have Roshani as a part of our family!

Prime Care Physicians offers 24/7 in-home check-ups, sick visits, podiatry services, wound care and debridement, transitional care management, immunizations, minor surgical procedures, preventative care, and palliative care to patients in the Chicago area. Aside from home visits, team members also visit facilities, hospitals and private clinics, reaching over 3,000 palliative care patients at any given time. By partnering with Transitions Home Medical Group (THMG), this footprint is expected to expand further—which will give increasing numbers of patients access to the highest quality of palliative care and symptom management. 

When receiving care in the comfort of their own homes, patients of Prime Care Physicians and THMG will be provided with comprehensive services to meet their individual needs. With a focus on aging, illness, recovery, and rehabilitation, our symptom management team will ensure that each patient is able to live more comfortably and conveniently in order to focus on the quality of living. As Patel states, “By joining forces, we are able to provide greater coverage to patients at any time of day or night,” highlighting the 24/7 care model in which both Transitions and Prime Care Physicians operate.

Individualized teams of Nurse Practitioners (NP’s), Medical Doctors (MD’s), and Podiatrists at Prime Care Physicians are devoted to creating meaningful and personalized relationships with each and every patient. Transitions takes a similar team approach to care, emphasizing the value that each patient is unique. Patel expresses, “All of our employees and providers feel like family. You understand one another, are empathetic, and also are a stronger team because individuals will step up when needed. You share a common goal — not only of taking care of our patient population but providing support to other members of the team. The success of the company means the success of the individuals within. The employees within Transitions demonstrate the same sense of loyalty to the company, its people and the mission.”

Focused on providing the best patient care at all times, NP’s and MD’s are available 24/7 to assist patients and answer clinical questions. Office staff work 24/7 to ensure that the providers can focus on the patients and their visits. A team of schedulers handle all patient care coordination during the day. Emails, voicemails, and phone calls are responded to within 24 hours. Referrals are contacted within 24-48 hours for scheduling. Even overnight, teams from Prime Care Physicians work to process administrative items and paperwork. Patel acknowledges, “This aligns directly with Transitions’ model of care, as Transitions is also focused on providing 24/7 care. Both Transitions and Prime Care strive to provide quality services, as well as develop a caring relationship with our patients. Our teams are always here to listen and help in any way we can. Providing clear and effective communication is our top priority.”

Serving a uniquely diverse population, Prime Care Physicians is focused on providing high-quality care to all patient demographics. A large number of patients are minorities, many also being low-income. As one of the few home-visiting providers servicing inner-city Chicago, at least one provider is conveniently located in the area on a daily basis. Staff and providers speak Spanish, Hindi, Tagalong, and Urdu. Patel proclaims, “Our goal is to provide equal opportunity and care to all individuals. Because of our coverage, Transitions has expanded their hospice team and extended care team to the same inner city regions. It is an amazing opportunity to reach a patient demographic who is not used to consistent, routine, and high quality care.”

With a similar goal and philosophy as the vision at Transitions, Prime Care Physicians also shares similar successes:

  • 99% of patients discharged from the hospital or rehab facility are seen within 1-7 business days.
  • 98% of patients discharged from the hospital or rehab facility are not readmitted within a 30 day period.

Working together, Prime Care Physicians and Transitions can prevent repeated hospitalizations, treat long-term illness more effectively, manage suffering, and focus on the quality of life of each patient.

We are more than honored to welcome Prime Care Physicians to the Transitions family. “The potential successes I see going forward are endless,” shared Patel. Together, we celebrate the opportunity to make an impact on the community and wholeheartedly cherish the relationships in care for our patients and their families in their time of need.