The Least Expected Miracle

The Least Expected Miracle

The Least Expected MiracleRicardo Atanacio, 75, was on his way to his doctor’s appointment at OSF Center for Health in Rock Cut, Illinois with his wife on Friday, January 29. While getting off from the vehicle’s passenger side, Ricardo lost his balance and fell on the ground. “Nurses from the facility ran out and helped. We called 911. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do,” narrates his wife.

Ricardo was unconscious for 3 minutes.

He was brought to OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center and a CAT scan was done. Results showed multiple cranial bleeding and the level of severity was high. He was placed on a ventilator and doctors said that a surgery is no longer advisable due to his current state. Ricardo’s family was also suggested to take the necessary steps and bid their goodbyes. As per the evaluation of a number of doctors, he would not last longer than the upcoming weekend.

On February 1st, three days after the incident, Ricardo was scheduled to be transferred to hospice care.  On the same morning, the unexpected happened. Ricardo opened his eyes and started communicating. “His consciousness came back,” his son, Richard said. “We were already expecting the worst but just like a light switch, he’s back.” 

The same afternoon, Ricardo was removed from the ventilator and was brought to East Bank Center in Loves Park, Illinois and hospice care was issued. Assessments towards his condition implied that his prognosis would not last but only for a few days. Day by day though, his condition started getting better. He began eating and talking again. “He’s suddenly so vocal, often saying I love you to us” per his family.

On Thursday, February 11, Ricardo is scheduled to be released from hospice care. “The doctors said it’s not a common case for a patient to be pulled out from hospice care…especially with my dad’s situation —congested lungs, bad heart condition, severe head injury. I’m just thankful that this miracle happened,” Richard shares.

The family is continuously hoping for Ricardo’s recovery but is already much grateful for the healing that took place. A CAT scan is again scheduled for him this Friday, February 12.

Needless to say, hope, miracles, or both, can come in tiny packets…sometimes when it is least expected.