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Transitions Hospice acknowledges the significance of building real life work experience through an effective internship program and accepts internships year round.  Durations may vary from six weeks to one year.  All internships are unpaid. Internships are voluntary and do not receive college credit.  Students seeking credit hours should collaborate with Transitions Hospice and their school so that an agreement may be attempted between the two parties. The student’s performance and professionalism will be evaluated at the end of their internship. In turn, students will be asked to evaluate their experience interning at Transitions Hospice.

Current openings

  1. Patient Records Assistant Requirements:  Accuracy is vital to this position. Assignment benefits:  Understanding of medical charting and terminology, clerical. Responsible for accurately organizing and filing patient records Responsible for auditing patient records Responsible for patient data entry Responsible for analyzing and reporting patient data trends
  2. Volunteer Program Associate Requirements:  Friendly and outgoing.  Clear written and verbal communication. Assignment benefits:  Recruitment, training, public speaking, clerical. Responsible for adding volunteer visits to EMR Responsible for preparing training materials Responsible for assisting at training sessions Responsible for seeking new recruitment sources

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