In Memory of Dr. Paul Kinsinger, M.D.

In Memory of Dr. Paul Kinsinger, M.D.

After a courageous year of battling brain cancer, our friend and medical director, Dr. Paul Aaron Kinsinger, 58, died on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 3:30 a.m. His family was by his side including his brother, Transitions Hospice Medical Director, Dr. Lee Kinsinger.

Dr. Paul Kinsinger

Dr. Paul Kinsinger


He was born December 12, 1957 to parents Lawrence and Kathryn Kinsinger and was married to Amy Ackerman in October 1997. He had two children, daughter Allison Carole and son Adam Owen. Kinsinger was dedicated both to his family and his Christian faith. He was a part of the First United Methodist Church in Peoria and was a member of Crossroads Church in Washington from 2009, both churches being in IL.

Dr. Kinsinger was an Illinois-native graduating from Washington High School in 1976 and later from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in 1986. He faithfully attended to the needs of his patients in Washington. He opened Illini Family Medicine in 1991 in partnership with his brother, Dr. Lee Kinsinger. The clinic is located at 201 N Cummings Lane.

A physician devoted to his medical profession, he moreover shared his genuine compassion to his patients. “Dr. Paul”, as his patients fondly addressed him, likewise willingly shared his light to his patients through providing guidance rooted in faith.

Kinsinger was also a creative thinker and an “idea guy”, as he identified himself. He came up with the now commercially sold Piggy Paste. His expertise was channeled to deliver results in every situation. He once said, “You will never regret what you try, only the ideas you keep in your desk that never see the light of day.”

“He was working with us until the very end,” said Jim Palazzo, CEO and founder of Transitions Hospice. “Although he could not take care of patients anymore, he was constantly giving us advice and marketing ideas. He was special and unique and we’ll miss his spirit and heart.”

He was a board member of the Washington Chamber of Commerce, Washington Community High School, and Washington Historical Society.

Dr. Paul Kinsinger was an avid golf enthusiast and shared the enjoyment of the sport to his children at an early age. He was an eager fan of the University of Illinois and both the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs. He enjoyed listening to classical music as well as music from the 60s and 70s. He also loved travelling and spending time with his family. He was his children’s greatest fan and a steadfast supporter of their education, hobbies, and athletic pursuits.

Recently before he passed away, his battle with cancer affected his mobility and speech. Despite the circumstance, his sense of humor and love for the people around him never ceased. His heart and character never deteriorated.

“When I saw the big orange letter I over his office at our first meeting, I knew we would hit it off. What I didn’t expect is for him to become a lifelong friend to me and my family. He will forever be family to us,” said Tim Scully, VP of Business Development at Transitions Hospice.

His wake will take place on Tuesday, February 23, at Crossroads United Methodist Church in Washington, IL from 4 to 7 p.m. A funeral service will be held the following day, February 24. Interment will proceed at Glendale Cemetery. Condolences to the family of the late Dr. Paul Kinsinger may be sent to

Transitions Hospice wants to express its utmost gratitude to the partnership and friendship Dr. Kinsinger has bestowed. We are sending our sincere condolences to the late Doctor’s family.