In 2020, Transitions served 1,520 hospice patients and 675 palliative care patients. Just a year later, Transitions provided our end-of-life care services to over 2,400 patients while also serving over 7,700 symptom and chronic care management patients. We opened in two new states – Michigan and Pennsylvania – and added a plethora of valuable partnerships that have expanded our care model to an increasing number of patients. In conjunction with this growth, Transitions focused on optimizing its technological capabilities, incorporating platforms such as Homecare Homebase, Next Gen Healthcare, Muse, Acclivity, Forcura, Trella Health, and more into our regular operations. 

To end the year, we asked our Founder and CEO, Jim Palazzo, to reflect on Transitions’ rapid growth and some of our biggest successes in 2021 that came along with it: 

Q: In 2021, Transitions has shown an exponential amount of growth. Let’s talk about the exciting expansion within our current market space and new markets.

A: Transitions has approached growth differently in the past year. Historically, we’ve grown organically through patient satisfaction, trust, and relationships with families and various healthcare partners in the communities we serve. Most recently, we have had a significant shift in our strategy, including merger and acquisition. In 2021, we partnered with Prime Care Physicians and Tumi Healthcare. Our new partnerships have expanded our primary and palliative care services to over 4,000 patients in Illinois and Indiana. In addition to expansion in our existing geography, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve patients in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Looking into the new year, we are excited to continue to explore additional partnerships and growth regions that will expand our service lines. 

Q: What were the greatest successes of Transitions in 2021?

A: Our emphasis on implementation of new and forward-thinking technology allowed us to advance in the market space and continue to improve our care capabilities. Each of the platforms we’ve added allow us to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and ensure that all patient needs are met on a consistent basis. This has been a major success in 2021, and something that will continue to be an essential piece of the Transitions care model moving forward. Another success was our expansion into Michigan and Pennsylvania. Our entry into both markets has been successful, and we are excited to see our teams in these states serve a growing population of patients in need. Finally, merging with two homebound primary care practices has allowed us to serve over 4,000 patients with physician oversight and after-hours support. Our goal is to be with our patients from primary care, to chronic care and symptom management, to end-of-life care. These partnerships have allowed us to be with our patients and families every step of the way, providing smooth transitions as their unique needs change. 

Q:  What were some major industry trends that affected Transitions in 2021?

A: If I had to choose one, the trend that affected Transitions the most in 2021 was the importance of technology to succeed in the post-acute space. We were able to implement a handful of different systems that will allow us to better coordinate care and provide positive experiences for patients. This includes remote patient monitoring and telehealth services, as we completed 20% of our patient visits via telehealth in 2021. We’ve long believed that our care platform can significantly lower the disease burden on patients, their families, and their communities. Our technology stack will allow us to take that proof of concept to different partners across the healthcare spectrum. 

After a successful year, we also wanted to ask Jim about his outlook for 2022 and some of the new developments he is excited about at Transitions. His answers include potential expansion into new states, increasing access to our care model for a growing number of patients, and a rebranding of Transitions that highlights our ability to care for the patient across the entire care continuum. 

Q: What potential growth markets do you foresee us entering into in 2022?

A: Transitions growth is continuing as we enter the new year. We are excited about additional expansion into multiple states in 2022 and look forward to bringing our care model to an increasing number of patients across the US. 

Q: Why are we rebranding to Transitions Care? How are we expanding some of the services we offer to patients?

A: Transitions Care represents the scope of our care continuum. We address the medical, psychosocial, spiritual, ethical, and legal aspects of a patient’s care journey. We recognize that some parts of the journey may require additional support. Therefore, we equip patients with education, empathic support, and guidance to thrive both mentally and physically. We incorporate services such as wound care, podiatry, and physiatry into our unique care plan. 

The rebranding of our company communicates the specialized support we offer as a patient advances in their illness. Primary care, homebound patients are considered chronic palliative care patients. When they become a higher risk, we deem them acute palliative patients and increase the frequency and additional support with our extended care team to help keep them at home and focused on living.

Q: What are our goals for 2022, and what will we do to achieve them?

A: Our goals for 2022 are to standardize our premium services we offer to patients and families in the expanded states. We plan to give them a better experience by creating rapport along the way and allowing them to participate in their healthcare choices with a solid empathic education. Since 2021 was a year of transformation, we anticipate 2022 to fully leverage these changes by enhancing the technology and excellent infrastructure we have created together.

All of us at Transitions are looking forward to a new year and an expansion of our care to patients across the country. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Transitions Family – we look forward to all that is to come in 2022! As always, it’s about living!