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“I combed her hair which she always really enjoys but then she took the comb and began combing my hair. It was such a beautiful moment, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Vivian is non-verbal so we communicate through touch, holding hands, etc. and I absolutely love spending time with her!”


“I sat vigil for Richard and began singing a soft hymn for him, alongside playing some Christian songs on my bluetooth. I was holding his hand too. It was a sweet and comforting visit; Richard and I shared our faith in Christ and there was beautiful peace and calm in the room during his this transitioning time.”


“No smiles today but she let me wash her hands so she could hold mine. She held my hand tightly until she fell asleep!”


Sat with Eileen listening to music and just holding hands for a while. She was full of smiles and was chatty. We also watched some YouTube videos of the most beautiful places in the world and she loved it!”


“Today I gave Joyce the first rag quilt I have ever made. She was so excited that it nearly made me cry. I told her it was my gift for her, a belated birthday present for her birthday last month. She must have thanked me a dozen times during the course of our visit!”


“Ross (my husband) held on to Billy’s left hand as he talked to him. Ross told him that Jesus hears his heart and loves him. Billy then looked into Ross’ eyes and reached out with his right hand and touched Ross’ face and gave the biggest smile!”


This was the best visit with Bill I’ve had. We talked a lot and right as I took him outside, he told me that he had a lot of gratitude for what I was doing (visiting him). It was quite beautiful!”


I came in to see Rich today and brought my radio. We listened to some Elvis and some other oldies. Rich and I sang together. He was so happy and seemed to enjoy the music!”


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