Volunteer Testimonials

“Betty’s slipper & sock come off her foot while she was reclined in the recliner and it was obvious that she was struggling to get it back on. I asked her if I could help her and she said yes. After I got both back on her, I said, “I guess this makes you Cinderella and me Prince Charming.” She laughed and thanked me!”


“I picked up a small strawberry sundae and brought it for her as I promised on my last visit. She enthusiastically attempted to eat most of it. It was surely a nice visit!”


“Took Marilyn out for a stroll and she couldn’t get over the trees, flowers, and how green they were. We sat for a while by a small fountain and just enjoyed the afternoon. When I took her back in, she thanked me for taking her out and asked if I would come back again to visit her. “Absolutely!” I said”


“I met my patient’s husband upon my visit today. We talked about his wife (my patient) and I prayed with her before she took a nap. My prayer seemed to touched him that he said to me, “Bekki, you are great!” I feel think he saw the special connection his wife and I share. Sweet visit!”


“She loves cats and has very few personal items. One day, I saw a cat figurine at a thrift store, remembered her, and bought it for her. I gave it to her and her eyes lit up, she almost cried! She kept saying how much she loved it!”


“Bert rarely expresses himself verbally anymore but he always responds to hand holding by squeezing tightly. Also today, I got a lot of smiles from him!”


“Lorraine was very quiet at first but then when I showed her the flower book, she perked up and loved looking at it. She loves the colors. Then I started playing the music and she really responded and enjoyed it!”


“My patient was very happy to see me. We sat and watched the Cubs game and talked about sports, life, and comedy. It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had!”


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