Volunteer Testimonials

“Vera was talking a lot tonight but I could not understand much of what she was saying. I did understand her smile and she had plenty of those! She likes me to put my warm hands on her cheeks and told me that I had a sweet heart. My turn to smile!”


“As I woke him up from his catnap, he greeted me with his signature, “There he is!” He is always full of smiles and displays a positive outlook. Volunteering has been a major source for me in terms of wisdom. If I pay attention, my patients are the wisest of life’s teachers who always have something to teach. And although our entire relationship has been formulated under the subject of death, they actually teach me how to live!”


“I sat vigil for a patient and I met his wife. She seemed to be in a place of acceptance and was in pretty good spirits. She said that her husband seemed more comfortable now. I then talked to my patient, touched his forehead and shoulder occasionally, and prayed. I played jazz music for him too! Before I left, I whispered to him that he is my favorite! This was truly a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!”


“My patient’s daughter and I correspond through text and I once asked what my patient’s favorite music is. She likes Fleetwood Mac and Maroon 5 so I made a playlist for her! She seemed to enjoy it!”


“I knelt in front of her wheel chair and began talking to her. We gave her a treat bag with 2 cookies in it for Valentines Day. She smiled real big and her eyes lit up. I asked, “Will you be our valentine?” She chuckled and said, “Yes!” This invoked memories on her making valentine boxes and getting valentines from her classmates in school back then.”


“I sat with Bernice while she was having her dinner. We chatted and as I was leaving, I told her I am going to miss her. She grabbed my hand and shook her head. It was very sweet!”


“Bert was in great spirits today, he was alert and talkative! I told him I’d be back in a couple of days and he replied, “Promise?” That warmed my heart!”


“Betty was sitting alone in the gathering room when I arrived. I approached her slowly as I was curious when she could see me. When I was 5 feet away, she recognized Paige the dog and squealed in excitement! She reached out her arms to hug Paige. This made me realize just how important it is to bring Paige along when I visit her. She just played with him for the next 15 minutes!”


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